Technetium - Innovative Advantage

As the service-centric organizations look to reach new competitive heights through the use of technology value added services such as RFID, Barcode, GPRS and the Internet, it has become increasingly important for these companies to acquire and maintain full visibility of the fleet of assets they utilize to meet their clients’ requirements. The management of this business function have shifted up in priority.

 This is true regardless of the industry being serviced!

Today, more than ever it is important to be able to answer the basic questions:

  • WHAT is the composition of my fleet of assets?
  • WHERE are my assets now and where have they been?
  • WHEN will my assets reach their intended destination?
  • WHY are my assets over- or under-utilized?

Technetium’s experience in the asset tracking and management workspace across multiple industries, allows you to answer these questions by providing not just visibility, but true control over your asset tracking and management processes, thereby allowing you to improve asset utilization, increase productivity and most importantly, meet your clients’ requirements effectively and efficiently.